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What is Reverse Ghosting? And How to Fix it

May 25, 2021
In the past few years there have been regular articles / blogs / feedback provided, where job applicants were not happy

In the past few years there have been regular articles / blogs / feedback provided, where job applicants were not happy that when they applied for a job vacancy, they only heard ‘crickets’ in return!

Well, it seems things have changed and it is now hiring managers and their businesses who are experiencing the ghosting phenomenon by job seekers and it is creating frustration in the recruitment process. But it is also making these businesses not only review their processes, but also consider their unique attraction strategies and benefits that they do and can offer.

What we are hearing in the market is:

  • People are applying to the role today and when you call tomorrow, they don’t take the call and don’t return the messages
  • A phone screen is completed and an invitation for an interview is sent and confirmed, but people just don’t arrive and don’t let the organisation know
  • Interviews are completed and shortlists created; but candidates accept other roles so quickly and don’t advise the hiring manager/recruiter
  • Applicants confirm an interview and don’t arrive or call to advise of their absence
  • Applicants accept an offer of employment and before their start date, they withdraw as they have received a more attractive offer or they have decided to accept a counter offer and remain with their current employer

In 2020 and with the impact COVID-19 had on so many people with stand downs, redundancies et al, it is not surprising that people are moving quickly when they receive a job offer, whether it ticks every box or only 50 % of them. But if there is one piece of advice I can offer to any candidate / job seeker is:

Keep the communication channels open and flowing, you never know what is ahead in your career. You might see a future role advertised with the business that ticks 100 % of your selection criteria boxes and when you apply you are not considered. Most organisations have an HRIS system that they use to assist them to manage their recruitment process. Your application is stored and notes are kept, so when you apply to them again, they can see what has happened in the past, which could affect your future applications.

Communication and respect are always key in any relationship, personal or professional, so don’t just disappear even if you are declining or withdrawing from the recruitment process. I promise that a bit of communication and an update will go a long way.

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