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6 Tips For Job Search Resiliency During The Pandemic

May 25, 2021
Job seeking in the midst of COVID sucks! If you’re finding it hard, you’re not alone

Job seeking in the midst of COVID sucks! If you’re finding it hard, you’re not alone, and it’s completely understandable if you’re frustrated and it’s getting to you. In most countries, unemployment is at or close to double digits numbers, it begins to come into focus just how much this change can impact the hiring landscape.

We know that these figures are not comforting. Nor is the sentiment “it’s not you, it’s the market”. But it’s true, and you must remember this as you’re facing job search fatigue. These are extremely challenging times, and you’re going to need to be resilient to keep the energy and optimism to fight on.

How to Build Job Search Resilience

Resilience takes attitude and action. With a little discipline and perspective, anyone can practice job search resilience.

Look After Your Mental Health

While you’re unemployed and facing rejection, it can be easy to focus on the job search process and forget the small things that contribute to our overall wellbeing. For some, exercising, eating well and maintaining a routine is the best way to do this. For others, it’s taking time to read a book, indulge in small acts of self-care, or listening to podcasts to lift the spirit or explore different facets of our mental health (here’s a list I’ve put together previously). It doesn’t matter how you do it, make time to focus on what works for you – it all helps build up a resilient mindset.

Control What You Can

Have a daily routine for submitting applications, try creative ways to stand out, think of potential ways to pivot, network with past colleagues, look for a mentor, be active in your search and also take time to think beyond simply submitting job applications.

Give Everything a Refresh

You’ve probably already done this one, but if not, be sure to update your LinkedIn profile. Attach your CV so that recruiters can find your information and get in touch immediately. Also, make sure to look over your CV and consider whether it’s designed to pique attention.

Get Creative

In a competitive market, you need to stand out. Remember that employers are having a tough time as well. Think of how you can tangibly help them during this time and go out and pitch. Even consider organisations that may need help but may not have the budget to hire someone full-time, you could pitch freelance or contract services. You don’t know unless you try.

Use This Time to Upskill

Coursera is an excellent resource with lots of training for accredited certifications at very low costs. While the accreditation will come at a higher price, and it may not fit your budget right now, there is always the option to put on your CV that you have studied and are ready to sit the test.

Optimise Your Search

Get job boards on your phone, set up job alerts, and turn notifications on. Getting in first can go a long way when there are hundreds of applicants. If it’s through a recruitment agency, and they don’t request a cover letter, don’t send one. Just be one of the first to apply. Here at adelsen, we are receiving so many applications for jobs, so the earlier you get your CV in the mix the better.

The Wrap-up

Consider this time as a marathon. Right now, you need to take care of yourself, focus on how to optimise your efforts to get ahead of the pack and remember to pace yourself to avoid burning out before the finish line.

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