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Lachlan Simkin – Devsonic

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Staffing All Industries & Functions

While we take pride in finding qualified candidates for each and every open position, these are some of the industries and functions where our staffing agency really knows the ropes.

Information Technology (IT)
Artificial Intelligence
Project & Product Management
Business Development
Client Solutions
Account Management
Customer Success
Sales Engineers
Content Creation
Web Designers
Real Estate
Property Management
Facility Management
Leasing Consultants
Real Estate Appraisers
Aerospace Engineer
Biomedical Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Civil Engineer
Project Management
Front Desk
Office Management
Executive Assistant
Data Entry
Administrative Assistant
Accounting & Finance
Account Receivables & Payables
Chief Financial Officer
Payroll Specialists
Chartered Accountants
Hotel Management
Food Services
Event Planning
Conference Coordination
Travel Specialists
In-House Counsel
Law Firms
Administrative Support
Legal Assistants
Office Management
Customer Service
Operations Management
Quality Assurance
Workforce Management
Call Center
Talent Acquisition
HR Management
Onboarding Specialists
HR Analysts
Life Sciences
Clinical Research & Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Sales
Medical Staff

Our Guarantee for a New Reality of Work

In today’s job market, employees change jobs more frequently than in previous markets. This means you’ll always be hiring. But how will you feel confident about any recruiting investment? One of the best ways we do this is through our guarantee program. The guarantee program offers peace of mind to employers when it comes to recruiting new talent. Under this program, if an employee leaves within a certain period of time, the employer is entitled to a replacement or a refund. This ensures that the employer is not left high and dry after making a significant investment in reruiting, and can continue to focus on their core business operations.

First 90 Days

If the employee is terminated or resigns within the first 90 calendar days of employment, you will receive a free replacement or a 100% refund.

First 180 Days

If the employee is terminated or resigns within the first 180 calendar days of employment, you will receive a free replacement or a 100% credit towards any future placement.

Next 5 Years

If the employee is terminated, resigned, or promoted between the ninety-first (91) day and 5 years of employment, we will replace the same position at a fee equivalent to 50% of the original fee percentage.

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