Our Guarantee Program

In today’s job market, employees change their jobs more frequently than in any previous markets. This means you’ll always be hiring. But how will you feel confident about any recruiting investment? One of the best ways we do this is through our guarantee program.

Our guarantees are here to help you secure your investment with us.

First 30 days

If the employee is terminated or resigns within the first thirty (30) calendar days of employment, we will offer a full refund or replace the same position at no additional charge.

First 90 days

If the employee is terminated or resigns between the thirty-first (31) and ninetieth (90) calendar days of employment, you will receive a free replacement or a 100% credit towards any future placement.

First 5 years

If the employee is terminated, resigns or promoted between the ninety-first (91) day and within 5 years of employment, we will replace the same position at a fee equivalent to 50% of the original fee percentage.

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